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Liseth & The Lost and Found
live @ The Music Alliance, on Richwood Guitars

Liseth & The Lost and Found
live @ Atelier Winterdijk


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Juli 2019
... in the meanwhile... my new sixties/seventies duo T ViLiaal (yep that's Dutch, kind of ;-)) started up, together with Vic, leadsinger from Neil Young tribute band Second Harvest: follow our facebookpage! :-) Also the poetry book - for which I composed music for one of the poems - will be presented soon, with live music from me and other artist! AND there's new plans for another Neil Young tribute in January, our third! This and more, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood: see my Live Agenda

T ViLiaal, acoustic duo sixties seventies covers

2 nov 2018
Proud to be the first Dutch artist on the Twisted Wood Guitars - Artist page ;-)

1 sept 2018
Summer break vid :-) With ukelele tune from Yours Truly.

20 august 2018
Izaak P Slagt, the photographer who's responsible for my wonderful promo photo's, like the one above, also makes absolutely beautiful free photo work. He recently added some intruiging and dark portraits of me on his website. And don't forget to look at his other photo's too!

25 dec 2017
Listen to Liseth feat. The Bells Angels Christmas Choir play and sing a Dutch Christmas classic:
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

15 May 2017
There's Life On Marzj?!?

5 March 2017
Next Sunday March 12: Songwriters Jukebox! (the last one of this season). In the beautiful chapel of Cultural Centre Jan van Besouw in Goirle, three artists play their favourite covers (and one original). This time with MOI :-) And yes, it's a jukebox so: the audience chooses which covers we play, from the long, long list of titles..

16 december 2016
Yup, these things only happen in Tilburg.. Guess who I'm gonna tribute.

25 September 2016
What een lovely late summer weather this week! But the Dutch summer is really ending now and The Autumn Leaves, pass by my window etc. For this fall I have some lovely and warming shows coming up, among which four with New York's fabulous singer-songwriter Jason Harrod who is currently touring through Europe. I was happy to book him six shows, and will be singing some backingvocals during four of them, and will also open for him for two of the four shows. Looking forward! 
Also, after a long time, finally another show with my own band! I've been very busy with various projects and commercial work, but this fall I'll be working on new songs and promotion for next season.

10 August 2016
Last Monday I had a beautiful meetup with Martiska Petrovic, a musician who posted a simple and spontanious video from a coversong, that she played by herself or with another musician, EVERY Monday during the least year. The 51th Monday was with MOI :-) Watch the result here 

25 June 2016

HURRAY! I've upgraded my website with the absolutely GORGEOUS photography by Izaak Slagt (all the big pics above). It got me in a blue mood as you can see (no, not really ;-)), but making the website blue all over, instead of just the middle table like it was, gives the photo's the attention that they deserve. It's just more calm and simple. Simple is good. I like simple. More upgrades will follow later.. later ;-)
Here you can find more foto art by Izaak Slagt:

1 March 2016
Cultuurboerderij ('Culture Farm') in Westelbeers, last Sunday (photo by Felix Timmers)

6 Dec 2015
Playing with Sleepwater in Café Extase, Tilburg, Dec 3rd (photo's: J + W Festen).
My last gig with these guys will be Jan 23rd; a matter of priorities for me..

9 Oct
Nice bunch of shows again in the agenda, with my own songs ánd with other bands Second Harvest and Sleepwater (among which opening for Mark Olson, ex-frontman Jayhawks, on December 3rd). The photo underneath is taken by Hugo Verkley, from a duo performance with me and Eric in a venue in one of the old small 'wharf cellars' by the canal in the city of Utrecht. 

5 Sept
Yay! Liseth On Air! This is a selfie in the foyer of the National Radio studio in Hilversum, media-city (end July). I did an interview and my EP was the reward of the cryto-game in the show ;-) Well, besides that and another radio-gig I didn't do much in the summer, but now it's back to work!

13 June
It's official: 'Kites and Traffic lights', the EP I recorded in Sacramento with Michael Roe and Mark Harmon, is out!! :-) And what an AWESOME night it was, last Thursday at the EP launch show: full house, good crowd, good sound, and some realy fine musicians. What more could I've asked for? :-)

(photo's: Wil Opstals)  

I started the show solo, then played two songs with Eric (guitar/vocals) and Peer (pedalsteel), and a few songs (also semi-acoustic) with the other two bands I play with (the Neil Young tribute, and the guitarpop band). Funny to be your own supporting act ;-) After a short break I played the EP with my new band The Lost and Found (with Eric, and Lucas on standup bass), and an occasional song with our guest Peer on pedalsteel. I'm looking forward to play more shows with these heroes! :-) 

21 May
.. yes, we are rehearsinck.. in ze livingroom... for ze official EP release party on 11 June.

February 2015 -
Working on new projects for 2015, and new repertoire. This Spring will be exiting! :-) I'm looking forward to present my new EP that was recorded in California (wut?! why?! Because it was fun and I'll explain the rest to you later). 
AND I'll climb the stage again playing my own songs, presenting my new band with Dutch heroes Lucas Beukers on bass and Eric van Dijsseldonk on guitar and vocals (photo: try-out gig in October 2014). They're both still touring now (all of us are in various bands and projects), but me and Eric will sit down soon to try and write some songs together (yey!). So more new stuff coming up, and more recording is planned for the fall. Stay tuned! :-)
More news on the EP soon..


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Photo above: Izaak Slagt