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...als 't goed is zou u hier nu een videoclip moeten zien.<br> Niet? dan doet het Quicktime filmpje het niet en kunt u 'm ook op Myspace bekijken:

Liseth's Anthem 'I'm Gonna Stop'
Epilogue of my 18 minutes folkumentary 'WHOIS' that I made as a graduation project for the Rockacademy in Tilburg in 2008 (the last creditpoints that were still open since my graduation in 2004)
Yup, that was my kitchen at the time.. the dirty dishes are real too.. the hairbrush will bring in good money on Ebay in 20 years.. signed and all.. (l&m: Liseth, video by Liseth)

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It Was You
Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Liseth (2008)

The Gift - Lost, Used and Broken Stuff
Absolutely gorgeous CD from this poppy/jazzy/songwriter bandproject from Tilburg, The Netherlands.
With: Bianca van der Heijden (vocals), Ton de Witte † (guitar & vocals), Jeroen van Vliet (piano, Rhodes), Mete Erker (sax), Mark van Tilborg (drums, percussion), Jules de Vlam (bass), Jeffrey Pol (el.guitar), and Liseth (vocals).
Liseth sings primarily backingvocals, but in these fragments the lead: 'Queenie' and 'The Road' (l&m: T. de Witte/arr: The Gift 2003, recorded & mixed by Bernard Jussen)

Salt & The Disposable Souls - demo 2002
Banddemo, with René Kox (bass), Joost van Loon (el.guitar), Stef Maes (drums), and Liseth (vocals & guitar).
Fragments: 'Only Human', 'Breath', 'Fortress'
(l&m: Liseth Horsten/ arr: SalT & D.Souls 2002, recorded & mixed by Miegel)

With Marij Boer (r) on backing vocals during live-shows

SalT - HomeGrownOuTofHerE EP
Six song EP, written, performed and recorded by Liseth ('The Artist Formerly Known As SalT'), mixed by Lars Putten.
Fragments: 'Outside-the city' and 'Will you be my lover' 
(l&m: Liseth Horsten 1998)

The first demo's on cassette tape (!) are not included here.

Oh my goodness.. my first band!! .. early nineties.. :-)


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